Software Engineer

Job Description

Development of web application relevant to our products

【Development Environment】

  • Languages: Python, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Framework: Django, Echo, AngularJS
  • Database: MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Data Analysis: Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Pandas, Grafana
  • Ops/Others AWS, Docker, GitHub, CircleCI, Sentry, New Relic, Kibana, Mailgun, Slack

Key Responsibilities

Planning and developing our products (mister suite, suitebook, etc)

We are a company that puts a large emphasis on product development and are currently aggressively expanding and improving our product lineup. As an engineer at SQUEEZE, you will be able to actively share and come up with ideas for our products and have significant influence over every step of their product lifecycles.



  • Experience in development with Python or other languages
  • Web service planning, development and operation experience
  • Team development experience using Git


  • Experience with Agile development process
  • Understanding of object oriented, test-driven, and domain driven development
  • Ability to use AWS, CI and configuration management in product development and infrastructure
  • Experience in analysis and visualization of data
  • Contribution to technology community and Open Source

Ideal candidate characteristics

  • Willing to take on more working responsibility
  • Passion for creating a service which contributes to society
  • Interest in working in a global environment or overseas in the future