SQUEEZE Inc. has a mission of using ICT to create a society squeezed full of value where nothing goes to waste by making use of the untapped potential value of the resources and members of local communities.


Create a society squeezed full of value


Asset Managment

Smart Hotel

SQUEEZE provides clients with asset management service in the two methods - Lease Contract and Management Contract. In regards to the utilization of real esate we handle everything from planning and designing of real esate to operation of hotels and private houses. We also serve our own hotel brands 'Minn' and 'Theatel' as smart hotels in various areas throughout the country.



We provide a one-stop solution business for corporations newly entering an accommodation business such as hotels and private houses. Taking advantage of the know-how and experience accumulated through our operation of all types of accommodation, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions from the sale and use of our own operation management system, introduction of partner companies and business entry consulting, etc.


Become a leading platform that maximizes potential of space and time in our community

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