basic policy on anti-social forces

In accordance with the “Guidelines for the Prevention of Damage Caused by Antisocial Forces” issued by the Ministry of Justice, we have established the following basic guidelines for the elimination of antisocial forces, and will work to eliminate antisocial forces.

1 Organizational response
In order to eliminate antisocial forces as an organization, we will endeavor to establish a clear rationale in our internal rules, etc., and will not leave it to the person or department in charge alone, but will take action as an organization as a whole, starting with top management, such as representative directors.
2 Cooperation with external professional organizations
In preparation for unjustified demands by antisocial forces, the Company shall endeavor to establish close cooperative relationships with external professional organizations such as the police, the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan, and attorneys.
3 Cutting off all relationships, including business transactions
We shall not intentionally have any relationship, including business relationships, with antisocial forces. We reject any unreasonable demands by antisocial forces and ensure the safety of employees who respond to unreasonable demands by antisocial forces.
4 Civil and criminal legal responses in a contingency
We will respond to unjustified demands by antisocial forces by taking legal action, both civil and criminal.
5 Prohibition of backroom deals and funding
We will never engage in backroom deals to cover up a case of improper demands by antisocial forces, even if such demands are based on misconduct in our business activities or misconduct of our employees. We will never provide funds to antisocial forces.