tower eleven hotel / onsen&saunaの画像

tower eleven hotel / onsen&sauna

Featured Projects 1

Planning and operation of the world’s first hotel overlooking a field and hot spring sauna

Planning and management of a hotel and hot bath facility in the new Nippon Ham Fighters stadium, and support for the facility's overall digital strategy



Featured Projects 2

Introduced to JR East Group as the first accommodation management system linked with Suica

Led system development for the JR East Group's new smart hotel brand "Hotel B4T," the first lodging management system to use Suica as a room key.

Theatel Sapporoの画像

Theatel Sapporo

Featured Projects 3

Planning and operation of entertainment-type hotels with giant screens

Value-added by converting one floor of the building into a capsule hotel with a 150 ㎡ event space with a giant screen.

Minn Uenoの画像

Minn Ueno

Featured Projects 4

Planning and management of apartment hotels where you can stay at “Minn”.

Planning and operation of multi-occupancy hotels for groups and families, and promoting guest self check-in using digital technology.

Minn Gionの画像

Minn Gion

Featured Projects 5

Planning and operation of an apartment hotel with private sauna for rent

Newly planned properties offer trendy stays with private spas and saunas for the exclusive use of guests

KARIO Sasazukaの画像

KARIO Sasazuka

Featured Projects 6

Planning and operation of a compact hotel through renovation of a building in front of a station

Planning and operation of an apartment-type hotel and community lounge in conjunction with building redevelopment as part of the Keio Group's utilization of the railway line

Our business

A leading company in digital-transforming the hospitality industry and urban development.

We are extensively engaged in enhancing the value of real estate, primarily in the hospitality industry, by exploring new approaches to hotel management and utilizing digital technology for urban development.


We integrate DX consulting, operations, and product to offer consistent support for our clients.


Three business segments

We support the creation of new value tailored to the issues and needs of our clients by leveraging our strength in accompanying clients and leveraging the synergy of 'technology' and the 'reality'.

Introduction of operating hotels

Unique operational facilities embodying "cloud management solutions"

From apartment hotels to in-stadium hotels, we offer exciting new lodging experiences.

From apartment hotels to in-stadium hotels, we offer exciting new lodging experiences.



We will realize a sustainable future for the lodging and tourism industry through the power of technology and global operations to further enhance the value of space and time.