KARIO Sasazuka

Planning and operation of a compact hotel through renovation of a building in front of a station

As part of the Keio Group's utilization of the railway line, we planned and operated an apartment-type hotel and community lounge in conjunction with the redevelopment of a building, opening only three floors from the 4th to 6th floor of the 10-story building as accommodations.


Real estate value enhancement


Major initiatives

Planning and operation of apartment hotels

Plans and manages spacious apartment-type rooms equipped with kitchens and other amenities, ideal for groups and long-term stays.

Deployment of cloud management solutions

Supporting the overall design of smart hotel operations through the implementation of an in-house developed lodging management system and remote support by an online concierge.

Planning and operation of community lounges

On the first basement floor of the building, a community exchange lounge "Sasazuka Akichi! Tsunagaru Lounge" was established on the first basement floor of the building. It is widely used by local residents as a space that anyone can use, equipped with charging facilities and free Wi-Fi.