Business details

We will support not only facility operations, but also space utilization and digital strategies for the entire area. We will also contribute to solving the issues of shortage of human resources and accommodation facilities in rural areas by taking advantage of our strength in technology x operation.


  • Total support from planning to operation

    We can provide support from the planning and conception of how the space will be utilized, through system implementation and operation design, to the details of actual operation. With a team that is well versed in the system in charge of the operation, the speed of improvement is also fast.

  • The Power of technology for local development

    As the tourism market recovers, the shortage of accommodation facilities in rural areas as well as the shortage of human resources are chronic issues.

    Our unique cloud operation solution mechanism will contribute to solving these issues by realizing highly productive operations.

  • Tailor-made design of new stay experiences

    For example, developing a new reservation site or building a reception system. We develop flexible services to meet the needs of our clients, to promote digitalization throughout the area, and to realize their sales strategies.

Support model


  • Planning and consulting

    We can provide support from upstream design, including planning, design, and overall operational consulting for real estate utilization and DX promotion.

  • Strategic planning and project progression

    We can provide feasible strategies for facility management and space utilization, as well as a series of project progression up to the start of operations.

  • System integration

    In addition to proposing the introduction of our self-developed operation management system, we can also configure linkage with your current system, and customize and develop additional systems to meet your needs.

  • Operations design

    We design smarter and more efficient operations by utilizing our system. Our strength lies in our ability to provide proposals and support that extend down to the practical level, utilizing know-how gained from our own hotel operations.

  • Hotel management contract

    We cover all aspects of operations, from preparation for opening to actual operation, reservation acquisition, and quality improvement of guest relations, contributing to the creation of new lodging and stay experiences and increased profits.

  • Operational support

    We will continue to provide support after the start of operation, including trouble-shooting, consultation on how to utilize the system, and periodic feedback.

  • Income and expense reports and data analysis

    We will provide highly transparent operational management and speedy improvements, including income/expense reports and customer data analysis using our self-developed system dashboard.