Unique operational facilities embodying cloud management solutions

Introduction of operating hotels

SQUEEZE has developed a variety of operating facilities that embody the “Cloud Management Solution” promoted by SQUEEZE. From apartment hotels to in-stadium hotels, we offer exciting new lodging experiences.

  • Cloud reception with 24-hour watch

    24-hour remote support through multilingual cloud reception

  • Keyless with smart lock

    No physical keys to hand over, making your stay stress-free

  • Fully equipped facilities and rooms

    Equipped with microwave oven, refrigerator, independent wash basin, etc. to support various stays.

  • Sophisticated interior design

    The facilities and rooms create an ideal space to realize the kind of home you would like to live in.

  • Free Wi-Fi in all facilities

    Free Wi-Fi to make your stay as comfortable as possible

  • As part of our commitment to the SDGs reducing our environmental footprint

    Actively contribute to global environmental preservation by reducing plastic in amenities and other products through a keyless and paperless approach

Technology-enabled, highly productive operations

We combine our self-developed lodging management system, smart locks, and cashless payment systems to achieve smarter and more productive operational operations.

Managed hotels

  • Lifestyle hotel where everyone can spend time together

    Minn is an apartment-type hotel that can accommodate small groups or groups of people together. You can stay comfortably in the same room with your close group or your favorite family.

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  • Private theater where you can stay overnight

    Theatel is a new Theater x Hotel where all rooms are equipped with a projector to enjoy videos and movies on a large screen.

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  • Your temporary home of travel, Kario

    KARIO is named after the Japanese word “kario” which means temporary lodging while traveling. You can spend your days as if you were living in your own home.

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  • First hotel in Asia with a panoramic view of the baseball field located inside a stadium

    A hotel and hot spring facility inside the stadium that offers a one-of-a-kind stay experience, where you can relax in a baseball-themed space while overlooking the field.

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