Part Time crew

Why don’t you join us in
creating a new style of hotel?

At SQUEEZE, we refer individuals working at the hotels we manage as ‘Crew’. We have reimagined the conventional hotel roles of ‘front desk’ and ‘cleaning’. Instead, we have a diverse group of individuals working as ‘hotel crew members’. They are responsible for a range of tasks related to hotel operations. We are seeking individuals who can work in a manner that aligns with their individual lifestyles and personalities, collaborating to innovate and create a new hotel experience utilizing digital technology.

SQUEEZE’s Hotel crew traits

Smart support for your lodging

Cashless payment and smart locks have eliminated the need for cash handling and key delivery tasks for staff, leading to more efficient operations.

Multiple experiences in creating the next generation of hotels

The hotel crew is not confined to the front desk as we have introduced a self-check-in system. This enables the crew to manage the hotel from a more comprehensive standpoint, providing an opportunity to engage in various aspects of a single hotel building’s operations, including room cleaning, in addition to customer service.

Work in a way that makes the most of your individuality

There are no strict rules regarding hairstyles or attire. While it is essential not to cause discomfort to guests, we encourage each crew member to showcase their individuality and express themselves, contributing to the creation of the hotel’s atmosphere together with us.



Part-Time crew

Bring your personality and
experience to SQUEEZE!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Part-time employment

  • Part-time employees working more than a specific number of hours (30 hours or more per week) will be covered by social insurance.

  • We request that you wear a T-shirt provided by the facility. Hairstyles that may cause discomfort to guests are not allowed.

  • Actual expenses will be reimbursed based on reasonable routes in accordance with our regulations. Please confirm the details at the time of application.

  • No experience is necessary. Many of our team members have their first experience working in a hotel with SQUEEZE.

  • Please visit the Part-Time Crew Recruitment page to view the application requirements for the facility (area) of your choice.

  • You may apply as long as you have a work-ready visa.

  • This is determined based on the terms of the employment contract, but you may request your available working hours two to three weeks in advance.

  • We offer various opportunities. After working as a facility crew member, you may have the chance to be promoted to an employee position as a manager.