We aspire to transform the lodging and tourism industry into a sustainable sector that will thrive in the future. Our goal is to create a future where individuals, irrespective of nationality, gender, time, or location, can actively contribute to the industry. This includes promoting hotel management practices that takes in consideration environmental impact.

Our approach


Global environmentally friendly hotel management

Paperless operation

Our hotel operations are based on paperless operations, including self check-in/out using mobile terminals, online hotel information, and digitalized operations using our self-developed system. By minimizing wasteful paper emissions through the use of technology, we are contributing to the preservation of limited forest resources.

Reduction of plastic waste

We have eliminated the provision of plastic toiletries such as toothbrushes and razors, and encourage guests to bring their own necessary toiletries. In addition, we are striving to reduce plastic waste by using PET pump bottles for shampoos in guest rooms, which are made from 0% petroleum-derived recycled PET, and by introducing digital locks for guest room keys instead of conventional plastic keycards.

Consecutive night eco-cleaning

It is said that about 30% of the environmental impact of lodging facilities is due to the consumption of energy resources and pollution caused by detergents resulting from washing and cleaning linens. In order to reduce the use of limited energy and water resources, we ask our guests to reuse towels and to cooperate in eco-friendly cleaning for consecutive nights, whereby guests do not stay for a short stay and cleaning is not required.

Reuse of waste cloth

We have done away with disposable slippers in guest rooms and have introduced original slippers made by upcycling leftover fabric from the cutting process in clothing production.

Switch to renewable energy

In order to realize a decarbonized society, we believe that it is essential not only to reduce energy consumption but also to utilize renewable energy. We will work systematically to switch to the use of renewable energy in all of the hotels we operate.


Think globally, act Locally

Solving issues in both Japan and Cambodia by using the cloud reception model

In Japan, the problems of labor shortages and an aging society with a declining birthrate are becoming more serious, especially in the hotel industry. At the same time, with the expected increase in the number of foreign tourists, the multilingual acceptance system remains fragile. On the other hand, Cambodia, with its remarkable economic development in recent years, has a growing young population and an abundance of human resources with high linguistic and other potentials. However, access to quality jobs is still limited, and the reality is that many people are engaged in low-paying jobs that are not commensurate with their abilities. As part of our efforts to address this issue, we are developing a business called Cloud reception, in which Cambodians work remotely as front desk receptionists for Japanese hotels while remaining in Cambodia. We believe that this system, which addresses the labor shortage in the Japanese hotel industry and at the same time provides young Cambodians with access to quality work, will help correct the imbalance between the two countries and contribute to sustainable development.

Contribution to local communities

Participation in community development projects

We are involved as an operating partner of tower eleven hotel and tower eleven onsen&sauna attached to the new stadium ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO in HOKKAIDO BALLPARK F VILLAGE, which opens in 2023 in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido. We are involved in the management of the tower eleven hotel and tower eleven onsen&sauna located in the tower eleven HOKKAIDO complex. We will contribute to the development of a new community with the new stadium ES CON FIELD HOKKAIDO at its core by creating a hotel and hot-spring bath facility that will provide an experience that will make customers from all walks of life want to come back again and again.

Local revitalization through effective use of idle/wp-content/themes/squeeze assets

In line with our mission to “create a society filled with value,” we are actively involved in community revitalization through the effective utilization of idle/wp-content/themes/squeeze assets such as vacant houses and buildings. By adding value to existing buildings and spaces by turning them into hotels, event spaces, hot tubs, and other facilities, we are creating a flow of people and new employment in the community.

Diversity and inclusion

The challenge of flexible work styles that are not bound by industry stereotypes

In traditional hotel management, it has been assumed that most of the staff members work at the hotel site. However, we are taking on the challenge of deconstructing and reconstructing hotel work outside of the traditional industry framework by utilizing our strengths in technology and the Cloud Reception Model. Our operating model will allow us to offer flexible working styles and locations to people who would otherwise have difficulty working in the hotel setting. We hope to contribute to the sustainable development of the hotel industry by building an environment in which a diverse range of people can work flexibly.


Corporate governance structure

Board of directors

  • CEO

    Shinichi Tatebayashi

  • CTO

    Hironori Sekine

  • CBO

    Takuya Maruno

  • External

    Masahiko Homma

  • Auditor

    Shigeki Matsuo


Internal reporting system

We have established a whistleblower hotline that can be used to report any violations or potential violations in our business operations. The contact is available to all directors, employees, temporary employees, former employees (within one year of resignation), as well as directors and employees of our business partners. Reportable acts include violations of laws, regulations, and company rules, including harassment, discrimination, bribery, leakage of confidential information, insider trading, coercion of our employees, and coercion of our business partners.

Corruption prevention

In addition to requiring all officers and employees to comply with laws and regulations, the Company’s employment regulations prohibit all corrupt acts such as embezzlement, bid rigging, leakage of confidential information, and extortion of employees and business partners in order to take advantage of their position in the company for personal gain.
Similarly, the Company prohibits all forms of bribery, including the offering or receipt of entertainment or undue money, goods, services, or opportunities that deviate from socially accepted norms, whether in the public or private sector. In the event of such corruption or bribery, the Company will take strict disciplinary action in accordance with the Employment Regulations.

Information security

Acquisition of international standard certification (ISMS Certification) for information security management system

We have acquired certification under the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and the domestic standard JIS Q 27001:2014, which are third-party certification standards for information security management systems.