Smart Hotel

SQUEEZE provides clients with asset management service in the two methods - Lease Contract and Management Contract. In regards to the utilization of real esate we handle everything from planning and designing of real esate to operation of hotels and private houses. We also serve our own hotel brands 'Minn' and 'Theatel' as smart hotels in various areas throughout the country.

Minn logo

'Minn' is our own hotel brand of apartment style hotel. It is designed for use by large groups and families as our main targets. All the rooms are designed as spacious rooms equipped with a kitchen and living room that accommodates the high demand of more than 3 or 4 guests. We provide guests with the concepts of 'Staying in Lifestyle Accomodations' and 'Like your Second Home' which gives unique experience different from a typical hotel.

Theatel Haneda logo

'Theatel' is an accommodation facility where you can experience the concept of Theater and Hotel. Every room comes equipped with a 100-inch large screen projector, all doors have keyless smart locks, and a stylish space with artworks placed in the room and interior of the hotel. There has been an increase in demand due to its popularity among families or group travellers.

Theatel Haneda
UMITO logo

'UMITO' is a boutique hotel which provides luxury experience with beach and ocean just in front of the building. It is located in Onna village in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture. You can enjoy a precious moment enjoying the sea in Okinawa with 9 private rooms in all. 'UMITO' can be utilized for use by groups, such as private weddings for families that makes use of the facilities' gardens, corporate employee trips and training camps, etc. Another attractive point is its location at the northern part of Okinawa providing access to spots such as The Churaumi Aquarium and golf courses in the area.



We provide a one-stop solution business for corporations newly entering an accommodation business such as hotels and private houses. Taking advantage of the know-how and experience accumulated through our operation of all types of accommodation, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions from the sale and use of our own operation management system, introduction of partner companies and business entry consulting, etc.
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suitebook is a property management software aimed at providing a solution for all vacation rental and short term monthly rental operations. The powerful tools suitebook provides will allow you to centralize your operations to just one place so you can save on both operations and communication cost in order to quickly start profiting from your business.