We are developing three businesses to meet the needs of our clients by leveraging our strength in supporting both product and operation development.

Area of support

We provide a wide range of support from upstream design to practical support in order to continue to be the one and only OTEC company that can consistently support product, operation, and consulting.

  • Planning and consulting

    Propose space utilization methods and solutions

  • Strategic planning and project progression

    Overall project design and management tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Operations design

    Design of practice-based staff operations, leads, etc.

  • System integration

    customization, and development support for self-developed systems

  • Hotel management contract

    Preparation for opening and post-opening operations and operational improvements

  • Income and expense reports and data analysis

    Monthly reports and data analysis to help achieve business goals

  • Front desk support

    Outsourcing front desk operations through online concierge

  • Operational support

    Troubleshooting and customer support

  • Comprehensive support

Our Partners

Hotel operations and solutions introduced by numerous major companies ranging from hotel chains to real estate operators (partial list).