Full time member

Creating business,
To members of the second founding phase

A full-time member plays a vital role in promoting the business.
Due to the expansion of our business, each individual has a great deal of discretion and is required to work autonomously. We are looking forward to welcoming people with a passion for updating the lodging and real estate industry by making the most of their individuality and experience.

Company data

Attractive workplace

Significant growth potential for industry transformation

You can enjoy the fun of being involved in creating new value by using technology to transform the tourism and real estate industries, which are still analog and extremely important for the Japanese economy in the future.

Participation in projects that create the future

We have received many inquiries from major companies, and there are increasing opportunities to make proposals to companies and hotels whose names we have heard at least once.
In addition, we are beginning to participate in urban development projects that go beyond the operation of a single facility, and this is an opportunity to work on projects that create the future.

Phase that can be called the second founding phase

The current members of the team will play a central role in the next phase of the company.
Enjoy the speed and discretion of creating a business under the direct supervision of the CEO.


Full time member

Bring your personality and
experience to SQUEEZE!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recruitment and selection

  • The basic flow of the application process is as follows: application → document screening → interview (2-3F) → offer interview. Depending on the position, you may be required to visit the facility for a tour or engage in a discussion with other team members. In most cases, we aim to extend an offer within approximately two weeks to one month after receiving your application. (We can discuss the schedule with you, so please feel free to ask.)

  • Casual interviews are available for all positions. To apply, please use the ‘Casual Interviews’ page on the job posting or apply directly to the specific position of interest. (Please note that we may be unable to offer casual interviews if scheduling conflicts arise due to a member’s work situation, or if a position fitting the job description is unavailable at the time of the casual interview. We appreciate your understanding in advance.)

  • Online interviews and meetings are available and conducted through Google Meets. Following the second interview, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet in person for further discussions whenever possible. We are open to scheduling a conversation with you at any time.

  • Depending on the position you apply for, we may be able to offer you an outsourced role to ensure a mutual understanding of working together. Please discuss the details during an interview or casual meeting.

  • For some positions, we accept new graduates and student internship programs at any time. Please contact our recruiting department if you are interested.

  • For some positions, we accept new graduates and student internship programs at any time. Please contact our recruiting department if you are interested.

  • How we work

  • While it is possible to work remotely, we firmly believe that visiting the worksite and engaging in face-to-face dialogue with our team members are essential to advancing our business. We aspire to foster a work environment where each individual is autonomous. Mobile work encompasses more than just working from home; it also involves visits to the back office of the facility we operate or other locations where work can be inspired.

  • Our standard working hours are from 10:00 to 19:00. However, some team members opt for shorter hours or staggered schedules to accommodate family obligations. Feel free to discuss your preferences with us during the selection process.

  • As we have facilities in Hokkaido, Kanto, and Kansai, business trips to each area may be necessary for a better understanding of the operations and to provide assistance. Depending on the department, there may also be business trips to meet with clients. (The schedule and arrangements will, of course, be determined through consultation, taking individual circumstances into consideration.)

  • Communication is active, occurring not only through face-to-face conversations but also via chat and online meetings. Teams primarily collaborate using Slack, Google Meet, and Notion.