Changing the world through the
power of operations x tech



We continue to take on the challenge of “expanding the possibilities of space and time” by harnessing the power of technology.

The term “DX” may sound digital and smart, but transforming operations in the lodging and real estate industry and creating new value is a muddy and steady process.

That is why it is interesting.

SQUEEZE is looking for people who can work together to change the world through operations x tech. We invite you to put your personality and experience to full use.

Corporate philosophy

Our mission

Creating a value-packed society

Our vision

Become a platform for expanding the possibilities of space and time

Through the power of technology, we will create a value-packed society without waste by harnessing the potential value of the/wp-content/themes/squeeze assets of local communities and providing them to society.

5 core values

  • Keep On Changing

    Always question the status quo and act for improvement

    Never afraid to take risks and always up for a challenge

    React to change and have the courage to change guidelines

  • Lead The Way

    Have a problem-solving attitude without making excuses for the environment or conditions

    Facing challenges to the end and thinking through thoroughly

    Be accountable for your actions and remain free

  • Speed Wins

    Speed is value, act faster and learn from results

    Eliminate waste in decision-making and operations for speed

    Do not wait for others to tell you what to do, but involve others on your own

  • Thanks & Respects

    Trust and appreciate your team

    Ensure fair and open communication

    Approach things with a “We” mindset, not an “I” mindset

  • With Our Community

    Provide a service that is loved by all communities with which the company interacts

    Listen, observe, learn, and grow together with the community

    Recognize and respect each other’s differences in values, race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation

SQUEEZE in data

Working at SQUEEZE

Creating value for society

Utilization of idle/wp-content/themes/squeeze assets

We are expanding the possibilities of space utilization by opening smart hotels in places where hotel operations were previously impossible due to limited space, and supporting rural accommodations facing operational challenges due to labor shortages through remote operations.

Job creation

We utilize online concierges and remote workers stationed at our operations center in Cambodia to achieve front desk services and work styles that are not bound by time or space.

Sustainable hotel operation

We aim to achieve sustainable facility management by digitizing and streamlining non-core operational tasks. By combining diverse work styles, including the utilization of temporary staff, with technology, we strive for sustainable facility operations.


We are developing three businesses to meet the needs of our clients by leveraging our strength in supporting both product development and operation construction.


Bring your personality and
experience to SQUEEZE!