Business details

We propose solutions that provide guests with a more exciting and smarter lodging experience, and achieve hotel operations with a low break-even point.


  • Use of cloud-based lodging management systems

    Our self-developed lodging management system provides centralized management of operations related to lodging facility management in the cloud.

    Unlike existing management systems (PMS), it is not only capable of flexibly linking with external systems, but also of absorbing our own facility management know-how and being constantly updated.

  • Creating new digitally-based lodging experiences

    Check-in using the guest’s own mobile terminal, smart locks that do not require a physical key, and QR code-reading cashless payments are combined and linked to the system to make the stay from check-in to check-out smarter and smoother.

  • Cloud concierge, a choice that is not bound by time or space

    Front desk support is provided by an online cloud concierge team consisting of workers from the operation center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as well as domestic and international home-based workers.

    By remotely operating multiple hotels on the cloud, common front desk functions that were originally stationed at each facility can be consolidated on the cloud.

Support model


  • Planning and consulting

    We can provide support from upstream design, including system implementation design and consulting on overall operations, to resolve issues related to hotel operations.

  • Strategic planning and project progression

    You can entrust us with planning a feasible strategy for the DX of your hotel operation and a series of project progression up to the start of operations.

  • System integration

    In addition to proposing the introduction of our self-developed operation management system, we can also configure linkage with your current system, and customize and develop additional systems to meet your needs.

  • Front desk support

    We can also implement an online concierge as a “cloud operation team” to remotely manage the front desk operations of multiple facilities. We will work with you from the point of organizing operations and discovering issues so that you can spend more time on your core business.

  • Operational support

    We will continue to provide support after the start of operation, including trouble-shooting, consultation on how to utilize the system, and periodic feedback.